David Berk

photo of David Berk
Board Position: 
Term Expires: 
December, 2014

Greetings from David Berk!  Thank you one and all for voting in the election and providing me with a one year term on the GVRCA Board.   I believe I can be a catalyst for change in leadership directives.  I look forward to being a partner for progressive evolution in the management of the Ranch.  My focus is on the homeowners through transparency of Board management and homeowner participation.  As an IT professional there are talents and skills that I am versed in to support the ever-changing methods of communication and outreach into our community.

My wife Christine Norrbom is an active Sentosa HOA Board member.  Together we have seen a marked increase in Sentosa homeowner participation and believe these same homeowners are looking forward to partnering with GVRCA.  We have a dog, a rodent hunting cat and two boys in college.  We enjoy informal dinners and cocktails with our neighbors.  We are students of Metaphysical studies.  We participate in various Clark County community efforts.  Holiday season is celebrated by sponsoring families through the VFW and donations to Heifer.  We are blessed to be able to “pay it forward.”

I remain focused on the following goals:

Expert RecommendationsHire Impartial Experts and use their findings.

  • Hiring experts to provide information regarding money management and ignoring the advice I find to be irresponsible. 

Financial Management:  What is the value for our monthly assessment?

  • Operating Budget-defined projects and managed monthly
  • Reserve Study-managed as advised by professional expertise
  • Projects scheduled-actual costs to plan costs tracked monthly  (CID*)
  • Projects completed-timeline projected to actual completion (CID*)
  • Professional scope of work created and issued from a committee & management for projects in excess of $5000.

*CID implemented 2013 for accurate financial tracking of all costs, expenses, financial expenditures 

Reporting Practices of the Board: Arrive at meetings prepared to make a decision.

  • Board members arrive at each meeting having reviewed the Agenda items
    • Arrive at the meeting with an informed opinion on each Agenda item
    • Respectful discussion of topics on the Agenda
  • Committee Reports at the end of the meeting; prioritize the key Agenda items

Communication Practices: Concise; timely; cost effective communication.

  • More transparency in dialogue with and communication with homeowners.
  • Reach out to sub-community HOA Boards for increased participation in GVRCA projects
  • Aggressively encourage homeowners to provide email addresses
    • Timely communication to homeowners
    • Survey initiatives to hear what homeowners want from GVRCA