Vicki Garrett

Photo of Vicki Garrett


This biography was prepared in 2009. Vicki Garrett will serve her second year as a Green Valley Ranch Board member. In addition to her duties as a Director she will act as Secretary and continue as a member of the Architectural Committee. Last term Vicki was the Board liaison for Parcel 33 and enjoyed seeing how the community stepped up and participated. Vicki is also on the Board of Civitan International, a non-profit volunteer organization that is very involved in the Las Vegas/Henderson community.

Vicki and her husband, Alan Kniffin, have lived in Horizons for 4 years. To their delight, there son and future daughter-in-law followed them from California and are current Sentosa residents. Vicki will be the new Delegate for Sentosa this term. Although they moved here from California, they have lived in Washington, Hawaii, Florida, Guam and now Alan is in Dubai. Vicki says, “Moving has been part of our life as Alan has worked in commercial construction for over thirty years building hotels, office buildings, airports and casinos. I look forward to traveling back and forth to Dubai and watching this unique transformation." Alan is the Managing Director for Perini International in Dubai.

Although Vicki's background includes accounting and business ownership, her current career is as a Realtor®. Vicki believes that Green Valley Ranch is the perfect choice for her family. It is exciting to see that after more than a decade the Ranch continues to maintain its beautiful vision and eye on energy conservation.