Paul Rowcliffe

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Board Position: 
Term Expires: 
December, 2018

Serving on the Board since 1998; Paul is the ARC Liaison for the GVRCA, as well as, President of his sub association, Altezza/Meritage. Paul and his wife, Dottie, have been married for 49 years. They have three married children and seven grandchildren. Paul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Economics from Purdue University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Northern Colorado. A retired colonel from the United States Air Force, Paul is currently employed by URS Corporation.

If you have an issue with the Ranch, you can be sure Paul will hear you out. When asked why he serves the community, Paul responds, "I want to help maintain a safe, secure, orderly and esthetically pleasing neighborhood where each homeowner has an input. Our community consists of over 3,900 homes, and it is my hope that all homeowners can work together in the spirit of understanding and compromise so that GVR remains a community that meets the needs and desires of all our residents."

Being very goal oriented, Paul has a clear picture of what he wants to accomplish for GVR. “I want to see a high level of safety and security throughout the Ranch. Safety and security issues must include strict traffic enforcement, adequate crosswalks, and parking around schools. We must continue to be active in influencing current and future development in and around the Ranch. Maintaining and improving the common areas within the Ranch is also a goal, especially now that the Ranch has become a mature neighborhood. Not only do we want to maintain the status quo of the Ranch, but we want to improve it." Paul is also mindful of the Board's fiscal responsibility to use your funds wisely and prudently."

Finally, fair and consistent enforcement of CC&Rs for the community benefit of all homeowners is a continuing task. It is an important aspect in maintaining the quality and value of our community." Paul loves the Ranch, the people, the landscaping, the trails and the parks. He is proud to be part of a Board that is committed to maintaining high standards throughout the community.

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